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Foods and General Purchasing : Belex Cargo

We can also offer our customers food products, beverages, cosmetics and other products via Belex Cargo.

Belex Cargo allows our customers to buy everything they need at the best price. We offer food products (fresh food, drinks, frozen food, cosmetics, etc.) and also miscellaneous items.

You can place an order with a single click on the E-shop:

Pharmaceuticals Housing

Currently, the pharmaceutical industry requires specific standards for the storage of pharmaceutical products. That is why we have set up a pharmaceutical housing area that is regulated and supervised by a certified pharmacist with a surface area of 200 m3 within our own warehouse.

We have delimited several zones within our warehouse in order to guarantee the traceability of the products in compliance with storage, handling and temperature-control procedures (zone 15°-25°C and zone 2°-8°C).

We can thus guarantee our customers a rigorous follow-up, thermometric monitoring and traceability to safeguard more specific goods such as pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical equipment.


We offer a complete logistics service, in a warehouse located in the outskirts of Brussels.

The stock is managed by a WMS (Warehouse Management System) computer system that determines the available stocks, their location in the warehouse and allows all input and output statistics control, thanks to a bar-code system.

The distribution of goods is carried out in and around Brussels by means of non-polluting vehicles.


Our warehouse located not far from the Brucargo area (10 min), allows us to provide fast delivery times and great flexibility. We have refrigerated trucks and vans for all the goods that require refrigeration between 2°- 8° C.


The unloading of your goods can be done at our platform or in the unloading area. The goods will be handled by clarks or other handling methods and stored in the various secure destinations, at the pharmaceutical or refrigerated areas.


We offer you the possibility to have your goods packed by Belex Air Freight.

We offer a series of triple-layer cardboard boxes for transport.

We can also offer you on-measure packaging: pallets, wooden crates, cardboard containers, protective plastic, refrigerator, etc.

Collection - Pick up

We collect go anywhere in Europe via our partnerships with road transport companies. We always choose the most advantageous and the fastest formula for our customers.

Hazardous or regulated products

Our staff is certified and qualified in the field of hazardous products handling. We also work closely with companies that are specialised in handling hazardous products, packaging, documentation and goods verification.

This verification is in accordance with the IATA (International Air Transport Association) Shipper's Declaration of Dangerous Goods.

We also provide packaging solutions, shipping declaration issuance, labelling and verification. We work in compliance with national and international transport regulations.

Customs - VAT

We have a bonded warehouse for transits and excise duties for all types of beverages, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

Our internal IT system is directly linked to the customs services, allowing us to issue EX and other customs documents for VAT recovery or VAT exemption for products to be delivered outside the EEC.

 Clearance of your transport documents.

 Our staff is certified for customs clearance and we are in constant contact with customs and customs officials.

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