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Belex Air Freight, a family company, has over 40 years of experience in the field of air, sea, road transport and logistics. 

Thanks to its central geographical position in Europe and its intense communication network, Belex can quickly consolidate your precious goods from all countries in Brussels and organize their transport to the whole world in a minimum of time.

Belex Air Freight has a secure warehouse of more than 13,000 m3 in Brussels allowing you to store and store your goods without problems: Standards, personal effects, bulky items, dangerous products, pharmaceutical products, fridges and others.

Specializing in Africa, Belex Air Freight collaborates with offices in Burundi (Bujumbura), Cameroon (Douala), Congo (Kinshasa and Lubumbashi), Uganda (Entebbe) and Rwanda (Kigali) allowing groupage each week on these destinations. These offices at the different destinations ensure transport monitoring of shipments to the final destination, the security of your goods, the possibility of import into Brussels and the delivery of your goods to your home.


Belex has extensive knowledge of the field allowing, in partnership with its customers, to design and provide the most appropriate personalized logistics solutions depending on the type of merchandise and their involvement, thus guaranteeing operational and strategic efficiency.

Through its experience, Belex and its team master all types of transport regardless of the nature of the goods to be transported and the deadlines to be respected.


By air, Belex offers departures every day to the whole world via its agreements with international airlines and thus serves Africa, North and South America, Asia and Oceania on a fixed basis with tariffs advantageous and competitive.

For more complex destinations, where access is not direct, our “destination” specialists organize specific itineraries in collaboration with their network of agents and agencies at the destination.


In maritime, Belex has entered into international agreements with the largest maritime carriers, which allows them to have advantageous prices and solutions, in particular the consolidation of these on our Brussels site (1130 Haren), departures each weeks on certain destinations and groupings of buyers promoting cost reduction. All our containers and maritime groupages are sealed on site.

Our history...

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